Your Guide To Ab Sling Exercises



The abdomen is one part that easily gains fat for most of the people around the world. An unhealthy eating style and lifestyle, lack of exercise, a busy life, work tensions, junk food, social life, and unhealthy habits such as drinking and smoking contribute to the piling of layers of fat around the stomach.

This is usually ignored by many in the initial stages and later when it goes beyond control, people normally start exercising or at times are forced to exercise and diet due to the advice of their physicians. Gaining weight makes you look unfit and aged.

What are Slings?

Slings are normally used to support a broken arm or shoulders. Normally, these are made of linen to provide maximum comfort to the skin and at the same time provide the required support for the body part.

Abdominal sling exercises are becoming popular and common, as they provide comfort and required support during exercise. These slings help to improve the muscles of triceps, biceps, and ab muscles.

Ab sling comprises of two harnesses, which is fitted into the forearms to enable you to hand yourself while performing the abdominal exercises from a bar of the pull-up.

Since the ab sling supports your body weight, your forearms do not experience extra weight and also prevent your back and shoulders. Thus, you can perform additional counts of ab exercises and experience results in reducing your abs.

Some Sling Exercises For The Abs

Remember! If you are just a beginner, it is highly recommended that you do the following exercises only up to 20 counts in the beginning and later with your comfort, slowly increase the challenge to your abs by increasing the counts. The following youtube2mp3 sets of exercises involve holding a pull-up bar with legs hanging down.

Knee-Raising Side-To-Side Exercise

Bring both your knees together. Lift your knees as high as you can to one side of your body. As you do this, curl your spine from the bottom of your back portion.

Let your movement be very focused without swinging the legs up instead of using your ab muscles. Slowly bring down your legs. Repeat on the other side. You may choose to do alternate sides consecutively or 20 set on each side at a time.

Leg Raising Exercise

Rise both your knees towards your chin or chest and stop at the waist level. You would feel a great pull or pressure in your abs. But, using the ab muscles instead of bending your body forward would greatly benefit. Now slowly bring down your legs. Repeat for 20 or 30 counts and relax. Feel the changes in your body.

Pike Exercise

Raise both your legs by keeping them together and try to touch your elbows with your knees by bending the bottom most of your back portion. Here, your legs must not swing and hence ab muscles must be used. Now, slowly go back to your original position.

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