Why are Accounting firms outsourcing to India


India has maintained its position as a major outsourcing hub for outsourcing. India has an edge over the competitors due to the advantages offered in terms of levels of customer service and efficiency. Several questions are asked by Accountants when considering whether to outsource their client’s accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation services to accounting firms in India. If you are looking to forgo the costs and the hassles associated with in-house accounting then the best option is to outsource accounting services to India.

But the next question comes in mind is why outsource it to India?

India provides numerous benefits by adding value to your business. Thankfully India is equipped with better efficiency and high productivity levels.

7 ways in which Accounting Firms can reap benefits by outsourcing to India:

Today, more and more companies are outsourcing their accounting services to a third-party service providers. Let’s look at what benefits does  India provides:

  1. Cost Effective: One strong reason why accounting firms are opting to outsource their accounting services is that it saves cost and increase the efficiency of the business. The pay of a skilled workforce is much cheaper in India as compared to the UK or any other country across the globe. The cost is less and there is no compromise on the quality of work. Outsourcing is cost-effective if done off shores such as India.
  2. Talented Workforce: Your skilled staff can concentrate on other core activities and help improve efficiency of the business. India has a large pool of talented resources and thus there is no compromising on the quality of work. You don’t need to spend time and money in providing training to your staff and a lot of cost is saved.
  3. Avail a bouquet of Accounting services: Indian outsourcing firms not only expertise in the field of accounting but also in other financial services. These firms offer services like Bookkeeping and VAT, Payroll, Self-assessment tax preparation, etc.
  4. Scalability: Indian accounting service providers have the required resources and bandwidth with easily scalable services depending on your requirement. They provide flexible services based on your needs which help you save money and time.
  5. Technology: You don’t need to buy new software and be well versed with new technology as the outsourcing company can make the task a lot easier. You become less dependent on your internal sources.
  6. Data security: Outsourcing firms in India have privacy policies. The data is secured with the firms and you also have control over the processes. They assure you privacy and data security.
  7. Better Work-Life Balance: Most of your admin work is taken care of, which helps to enjoy better work-life balance.

When we outsource services in India, companies can use their energy and time in growing the business. At Outbooks, our prices are highly competitive and helps accounting firms to save costs and overhead expenses. For more information on outsourcing of accounting and bookkeeping services in India.

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