Study material for class 7 CBSE maths offers solutions of NCERT syllabus



The students of class 7 may need some sort of the process for gaining skill in math. These may be concepts of integers, data handling, fractions and decimals, simple equations, triangles and lines, triangles and its properties, congruence of triangles, comparing quantities, etc. At this stage, learning of basic concepts on the syllabus should be grown properly in the child. The kids may be engaged with learning videos on the math syllabus of class 7 to learn the topics. The download of online Study material for class 7CBSE maths may help students.

The study material for class 7 CBSE maths offers easy learning

The expert teachers have created various online study methods to engage students in learning the subject. The experienced teachers create the learning videos on maths to learn the subject of class 7 in an energetic and interesting way. The models created by the online platform are really great and it enhances the learning capacity of the students. The online platform offers Study material for class 7 CBSE maths to gain a good percentage of marks in the exam.

The study material for class 7 CBSE maths makes performance better

CBSE always refer NCERT books to be followed by the students. The NCERT syllabus for math books for class 7 includes lines, integers, fractions, algebraic equations, triangles, etc. It is always to be looked into the matter that students need to grow basic concepts of math. For this purpose, Study material for class 7th CBSE maths can be referred for engaging students. The class 7 study materials or assignments may include the following:

Assignments on integers

  • NCERT integers solutions
  • Integers word problems
  • Integers word problems 2
  • Worksheet for integers
  • Test papers for integers
  • Addition and subtractions for integers

 Notes on Fractions and decimals

  • Multiplying fractions
  • Division of fractions
  • Multiplication on decimals
  • Division on decimals
  • NCERT solutions for fraction and decimals
  • Worksheets for multiplying fractions
  • Worksheets on the division of fractions
  • Worksheets for decimals and fractions

Data handling

  • NCERT solutions for data handling
  • Important solutions on data handling]

Lines and Angles

  • NCERT solutions on lines and angles
  • Worksheets on Lines and Angles

Again, worksheets and solutions on triangles, algebraic expressions are provided to the students as materials of class 7 math. So, Study material for class 7th CBSE maths is provided to students for better performances.


Edusaksham is an online platform offering study materials of math for each class of CBSE. The solutions and assignments on each chapter of class 7 CBSE maths are provided online. The students can gain skills in math by practicing the assignment and going through the solutions of NCERT. The online videos are also offered for educators to exhibit to the students. They will gradually gain the concept of math and the performances will be better. Math is an important subject to develop a career in life. Therefore, an online platform is developed to support students.

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