Secrets Of Survival During A New Year Trip



Successful New Year trip makes a holiday really happy. To the contrary, spoilt vacations can not only sadden holiday memories, but also cloud the whole future year. So you need to foresee everything.

According to last news from France embassy, many tourists got troubles yet before departure. Consulate stopped granting visas for tourists, who were going to take Christmas bus tours. I.e. planes, trains and more tripline tours going on can enter this country of spirits and fried frogs freely.

But, let’s imagine everything is OK for you, and you are setting off for a New Year tour.

Meanwhile, ignorance of local traditions, connected, for example, with presenting gifts can turn whole trip into discomfiture and annoying misunderstanding.

Basing on most popular “holiday complaints”, we give you a list of recommendations, which will be quite useful for New Year tourists in different countries.

Finland – here tourists should not relax too much – local police is on the alert even during holidays and fines and punishes for bad behavior and, moreover, drunk driving. Patrol can appear anywhere, not only on the road, but also in the field! It controls not only drivers and cars, but also drivers of snowmobiles, which are so popular in Finland. Punishment for snowmobile drunk driving even outside general roads is very severe – 30 days imprisonment plus fine of several thousand euros.

Like in other Scandinavian countries, inhabitants of Sweden do not strive for working feats, and no premiums can make them working on the eve of Christmas. Internal flights in Sweden are reduced to zero, cashier’s offices are closed earlier, only trains keep on running, and many people need getting home during this time.

One of main rules of general celebrations in Switzerland – is doing nothing that can bring discomfort or trouble for neighbors and people around. So, here you should remember that noise and revelry even during a New Year night can be a breach of public order. And fire works in city violates not only fire-prevention, rests of petards, which fell on the ground, can be regarded as rubbish and culprit will be fined.

Austria-Germany. Yet since the beginning of December (Saint Nicholas’s day is celebrated on December 5) terrible figures in fells, terrible masks, goat’s horns on heads walk along the streets of many Alpine towns. They jingle with iron chains, crash balls filled with scrap-iron, yell and dance outside. Sometimes they attack travelers, rush into bars, birch everybody, butt and even knock people off their feet! You cannot complain of them, they just follow their negative image: according to a legend, these are fiends Krampus, banished by local Santa.

Those who like standing up for their rights while communicating with police should remember that a German policeman is one of the severest in the world. You can be accused of disrespect for police, which will cause big troubles.

As Italy is known for its heightened danger on the roads, be careful: 3-4 AM represent a peak of breakdown rate here, when heated drivers are returning from night clubs. Christmas is no exception here. First of all this concerns not even drivers, but pedestrians, who do not want to get under the wheels of a sprung Italian.

When you celebrate Christmas in Moslem countries, you need to respect local traditions. Mentioning of Jesus Christ, and, moreover, religious disputes, can be accepted by people wrongly and lead to conflicts even during Christmas. You should remember that law will first of all protect residents of a country.

Unlike English people, Americans like presenting and accepting expensive Christmas gifts. So your American friend can really like a present at the cost of several hundred dollars. You just should note one national peculiarity – gifts often are presented together with checks. This way they will have a chance return a gift in a shop, if they do not like it. In January you can even see lines of people, wishing to return purchases back to shops. It is amazing, but it is fact.

Remember that fire works and drinking champagne under the open sky can lead to an unpleasant investigation at a police station. If you want to admire fire works, go to Time Square or Central Square of any other city: there you will find revelry and party. In other places you will have to restrain your ardour.

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