John Bible Study: Does the Bible Really Teach That Jesus Is God?



The witness John composed his gospel with the goal that you would know and accept what jesus’ identity is (John 20:31). So it should not shock anyone that this first part of John is about the individual of Jesus.

We should take a visit through John 1 and make a rundown of the considerable number of names, titles and expressions used to portray Jesus:

The Word (refrain 1, 2, 14); God (1); the maker (3, 10); the life (4); the light (4, 6, 8, 9); the main Son (14); the main God (18); the Lamb of God (29, 36); the Son of God (34, 49); the Christ/Messiah (41); the King of Israel (49); the Son of Man (51).

Really this is an astonishing rundown! We could do a broad investigation of every one of these titles and invest a lot of beneficial energy in each one, as Scripture has a lot to state about the individual of Jesus.

The motivation behind this article is to concentrate on John’s training that Jesus is God.

Note John 1:1 – “before all else was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Now hop down to section 14 and read “the Word became fragile living creature and stayed among us”.

So we know from refrain 1 that the Word is God. What’s more, who is the Word? As indicated by section 14, the Word is additionally a person, on the grounds that “the Word became tissue.” John is discussing un curso de milagros completo pdf gratis in this whole entry. What’s more, this Jesus, who turned into a man, is additionally God.

This is one of the most basic lessons of Scripture and the conviction of scriptural Christianity for quite a long time: the man Jesus is likewise God. He is the unparalleled God-Man.

The divinity of Jesus Christ is the thing that isolates scriptural Christianity from every single other religion. John 1:1 can be deciphered “the Word was completely God.” This is instructed somewhere else in the New Testament in entries like Colossians 1:15-19, where Paul says “He is the picture of the imperceptible God… For in Him all the totality of God was satisfied to abide”; and Hebrews 1:3, “He is the brilliance of the greatness of God and the specific engraving of his tendency.”

John 1:18 alludes to Jesus as “the main God” or “the one and only one, who is God.” John utilized the least difficult dialect conceivable to communicate the most significant truth conceivable: God turned into a Man, and his name is Jesus. This God-Man is the Creator of the universe (v.3), the wellspring of life (v.4), and the light of humankind (v.4).

It would be ideal if you stop now and ask yourself this straightforward yet immeasurably significant inquiry: “Do I accept that Jesus is God?” Perhaps you have known and accepted that for a long time. Possibly you were instructed that as a youngster in Sunday school, or by your folks, and you have never addressed it.

Be that as it may, it is additionally conceivable that you haven’t yet acknowledged this instructing. Maybe you are new to Christianity or have just heard odds and ends of Christian regulation during your lifetime.

If you somehow happened to go to the shopping center today and take a review of 100 individuals, posing the inquiry, “Who is Jesus?”, what sort of answers do you figure you would get? What number of individuals would answer this way: “He is the unrivaled God-Man.”

As you keep on contemplating John’s gospel, you would do well to see the numerous references, both immediate and circuitous, to the divinity of Jesus. This is the incredible topic of this book and one of the basic lessons of scriptural Christianity.


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