Have a Love Affair!



I have been trying to quit watching news for years. It is a serious addiction with me. I want to know what is going on in the world, and the only thing that is more scary than knowing all the awful things that are happening, is not knowing. I may be taking it too seriously, for reports of wars and natural disasters give me insomnia. And I do realize that a lot of what I see on TV, or read in newspapers is blown out of proportion, taken out of context, and will probably not affect my life in any measurable way, but I still take it to heart.

That, combined with ペアーズ セフレ, family, pets, and other life stress would be enough to make me lose my marbles, if not for one thing. Dancing has been my love and passion since I was 3 years old, when my parents, unable to find a babysitter for the night, were forced to take me to a ballet with them. They hoped I’d go to sleep as soon as the theater lights went out. They say, that to their surprise, I jumped up from my father’s lap as soon as the music began, and remained standing in front of the orchestra pit for the entire performance, watching the dancers’ every move, and refused to leave after the show was over. I was hooked!

After that I begged my mother to find a dance class that I could join – for a year! She didn’t believe I had any talent for it, as nobody had ever been a dancer, on either side of my family, but finally she gave up. Now, over 20 years later, my love affair continues. Whether it is watching a Broadway show, performing myself, or seeing my students master a new step, nothing brings more joy to my heart.

I have noticed that almost everyone I ever talk to says they wish they could try dancing, but they don’t think they’d be any good at it. My question is: how do you know? I was lucky to get the desire to start dancing as a kid. Kids don’t have that stop sign in their brain that tells them they can’t do something. They see something they want and they go for it. Had I listened to my mother, I would never be doing what I love today.

So if you have been thinking of trying something, be that dancing, cliff jumping, writing a novel, or anything else, don’t let anyone stop you. Don’t listen to the reasons for why you can’t. The only reason you need to pay attention to is that it would make you happy. So go ahead and start that love affair with whatever that is you have been in love with for years!


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