Evolution Car Cover – Giving Your Car The Maximum Protection Possible



There are many companies that manufacture covers for vehicles. One such company is Covercraft. They are world renowned for providing the public with a wide choice of high quality covers. When it comes to covering their vehicles, their pride processions, most often people want to be sure they are getting the best. Covercraft have spent many years researching different fabrics and the protective qualities they feature. Covercraft appreciate that people live in different environments and climates, and therefore need different types of protection. They have, therefore, a wide selection of various different covers so that there is one for every type.

Of their vast range, a particularly popular cover is the Evolution CarShield auto protection cover. Covercraft have developed the material used themselves, calling it Evolution 4. This is due to the fact that the cover is comprised of four layers, to provide the car with the maximum protection possible, against the very harsh elements of nature.

Evolution 4 is waterproof, but breathable too. This means that whilst the rain and snow cannot enter through the material on to the car, the moist and damp can escape away from it. This enables the car to breathe and sweat, without it becoming mouldy or steamed up whilst covered.

The sun’s harmful ultra violet rays will automatically be reflected off, and away from the auto. This saves it from much harm that the sun creates. When exposed to the sun, the paint work of the auto becomes bleached and faded. The interior can also get ruined as overheated cabins are not only unbearable to drive in, but also make the internal system of the vehicle go.

The Evolution car cover will also protect the car from things like tree sap, birds muck, and other natural disasters. These accidents happen everywhere and anywhere, but if covered, the car won’t be affected, and will not be left with ugly stains that are near impossible to remove. The Evolution cover will save both the time and money it takes to have the car adequately cleaned, polished and re-waxed on regular occasions.

Another type of accident that the Evolution shield the car from is scratches and dents. These are only caused by car accidents. If a person is walking by and his keys are hanging form his pants, he can unknowingly leave a scratch. When the wind blows, bringing up with it countless bit of dirt, sticks and stones, and the like, they too can scratch and or dent the exterior.

Covercraft covers are all custom made, and Evolution is no exception. The cover will fit the car nice and snugly ensuring that nothing can sneak in. Nonetheless, the cover is easy to fit as it is elasticated at the front and rear ends. When not in use, it can be compactly folded away and tucked away in a corner in the trunk.

The seams of the Evolution cover are reinforced and overlapped to ensure that it is as durable as possible. This also prevents any sort of seam leakage or rips. The outer seams of the cover have reflective piping so that the car can be seen clearly in the dark. This safety feature is something unique to Covercraft.


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