Do You Have a Backup Plan For Your Small Business Website?



Picture this. You have your small business website set up. You’ve got traffic steadily flowing to your site. You’ve got sales coming in daily. All of a sudden, your site disappears. Maybe someone forgot to send the payment to the hosting company. Maybe the hosting company gets hacked. What would happen to your business if something like this happened to you? Do you have a backup plan in place so that your list building doesn’t get interrupted? Can prospects still contact you if your main site goes down? Can you still sell your products if your main website is down? The rest of this article will give you some ways that you can still run your small business website even if your main hosting goes down.

Use Facebook
You can create a Fan Page on Facebook for free. You can use your Fan Page like you would use a website. You can sell your products and services directly from your fan page using payment. You can even put an opt in form directly on your fan page. You can have more than one tab on your fan page like you have more than one page on your ufabet เว็บหลัก. I’m not suggesting that you rely solely on your Facebook Fan Page to run your business. However, it is good to have this in place so you can still run your business and make sales while you work to resolve whatever issues you may have with your main hosting.

Use Weebly
Weebly is a site that allows you to create a free website. I can already hear you groaning at the idea of running your business from a free website. This site is pretty decent. They only ask you to put a small line of code at the bottom of your site promoting the service. You can put up a contact form, insert images, and even use custom HTML. You can’t use javascript but you can link to your Facebook fan page from your weebly site and build your list that way.

Use A Free WordPress Blog
I agree that it is a bad idea to use a free WordPress blog as your main source of income. There are things you can do with a self hosted WordPress blog that you can’t do with a free WordPress blog. You can’t use your own AdSense account to make money with a free WordPress blog. They frown on using free WordPress blogs for affiliate marketing as well. What you can do with a free WordPress blog is sell your own products and services. You do have products of your own to sell, correct?

Use Squidoo
You can also build a squidoo lens around the subjects you have expertise at. You can build a squidoo lens in minutes. You can sell products related to your subject from amazon and earn money that way. You can also sell your own products directly from your squidoo lenses. You can even link to related affiliate products on your squidoo lens. You can also link to your Facebook Fan Page on your squidoo lens, provided that the fan page has content that’s related to the squidoo lens.

You must have a backup plan for your small business website. It would be catastrophic to say the least to lose income because you didn’t set up a backup plan for your small business. Use some of these ideas to keep your business running no matter what happens to your main small business website.


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