Celebrate Birthdays!



I am a firm believer in birthdays. My birthday is my day and thus, I make it a personal holiday each and every year. The date of our birth is not like every other day in our life. It is our own special, unique day. A birthday is a day that we can really kick up our heels and celebrate our Authentic Self. And, as we know when we allow our Authentic Self to shine, we build self-esteem and that confident attitude that we so desire starts to immerge.

Following are five rules to make a https://birthday-party6.webnode.com/ super special-

1. Take the day off from work. It’s a rule that I have and follow, with much annual glee. I have rarely worked or been in school on my birthday. It feels great to wake up and not have to go to an office or classroom. Whether or not you build a vacation around your birthday or simply take a personal day, permit yourself to steer clear of work for the duration of your special day. You will return to work feeling satisfied and successful because you allowed your birthday to be dedicated to your Authentic Self.

2. Plan 24 hours of delight. Create a day that will be memorable and fun for you. This will likely involve you thinking of your birthday a few days (or weeks) in advance. You might need to do some dreaming around the decadent question ‘What do I most want to do on my birthday?’, if the ideal birthday agenda doesn’t pop into your head. Do you find yourself murmuring that you don’t spend as much time as you would like with those you love, as I sometimes do? If you are guilty of making that comment, your birthday is a chance to make up for lost time and really enjoy your friends and family. Plus–it’s your special day so they will likely do whatever you want to do! Whatever you do, plan it out so you can jump into your day with passion.

3. Ask for what you want. If you want to spend the evening on a moonlit beach with your honey, make sure that you and s/he are on the same page and really take steps to make it happen. If you want them to book the B&B, ask them to. If you also want breakfast in bed, ask for it! Do yourself and everyone else in your life a favor and ask for what you want or need, especially on a day like your birthday. Set yourself up for sweet success on this special day and make a request for what you want.

4. Don’t limit yourself. Think big! Remember, you are the hero of your life and as such, have the primary role to play in its design and execution. Don’t allow your Authentic Self to play small on this day of all days. Want to skydive, join the circus or watch The Oprah Winfrey Show live? You can make those things happen. Dream, do some research and
plan a little. The pre-work will give you something to look forward to, keep you on task and remind you of the importance of putting yourself first.

5. Shower yourself with treasures. Sleep late or wake early. Indulge in good food. Splurge on dewy, fresh flowers. Enjoy an aromatic massage. Order a decadent dessert. Travel to see friends that you haven’t seen in a while. Wear clothes that make you feel sexy. Go shopping or get a pedicure. Book yourself for 3 days (or 7?) of R&R at Kripalu in Lenox, MA where you can enjoy Ayurvedic bodywork, yoga classes, and delicious vegetarian meals. All treasures great and small feed our Authentic Self.

So, what’s not to lose? Star your special day on your calendar or planner and start dreaming. Begin the celebration of your Authentic Self on your birthday. Allow others to be in on your special day as a way of valuing their relationship with you. Remember, if you don’t put yourself and your own wants and needs first, who will?


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