Cancer, the War and Its Politics!



It is unlikely cancer ever being cured with any great success rates through pharmaceutical treatments. Although there are cancer treatments the alternative way through nutrition, vitamins, minerals, diet and lifestyle changes, with a far higher success rate than with pharmaceutical treatment. CTFO

A previous US President declared war on cancer some 40 years ago. Wars over time have been lost and won. The war on cancer didn’t win, at least not by the President. His intention might have been good and honest, but bigger powers changed his mind not to go there. After all he had other things on his mind, and the war on cancer went in the ‘too hard’ basket.

Cancer cures have been found a long time ago, as far back as in the seventies and even before. Any doctor coming up with an alternative cure for cancer was quickly squashed by the drug companies. It even went to the extreme of the doctors qualifications being threatened, and becoming an outcast within his own circle of medicine. This doctors being called all sort of names including a ‘quack’, and nothing has changed to this day.

Are they quack guy’s? Is this a name for doctors that came up with the alternative cure for cancer and other illness? Alternative cures have shown a far higher success rate than chemotherapy, radiation, or immunotherapy treatment for cancer.

Alternative cancer treatment was so successful that the medical board shut it down. The pharmaceutical medicine does not accept cancer patients being treated without drugs. After all, business is business, and the drug companies will protect their own interest at all cost. Not unlike oil companies some years ago, with any invention developed for an engine that would use little or no gasoline; such an invention being purchased by the oil companies and buried as fast as possible.

The positive side of all this is, more and more doctors are now converting to alternative medicine for a natural and safer way to fight cancer and other serious illness with astonishing success.

This is quite remarkable, many of the most lethal forms of cancer being treated with alternative natural medicine. Patients became totally free of decease, twenty years later being still alive and well. Whey are such success stories never told or published, not even in medical journals? What do you think is the reason for this?

There is plenty of evidence that treatments with marijuana and hemp oil etc. do cure cancer plus other illness, and reduce pain. This is illegal in some countries because of government laws, this would not be excepted by the pharmaceutical companies because of greed for money.

The politics of cancer becomes obvious! Why kill the goose that lays the golden egg? A multi-trillion dollar drug industry is not going to let that happen. They can afford to spend billions of dollars a year, manipulating and distorting our perception about the proper solution for our health challenges. Pharmaceutical and drug companies withheld potential cancer cures for centuries.

This statement has probably caused some eyes to drift. I can almost hear some of you saying, this is not possible. No one is as cruel to deny proper treatment. The secret is, both pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment don’t want you to know. A natural or simple cure of any disease would threaten the livelihood and the trillion dollar earnings of the pharmaceutical and health care industries.

Think back on your visits to a doctor. Did any of them ever ask about the diet you are on, or about your lifestyle? When seeing a doctor it is a certainty that you will come out with a script for medicine or a bottle of pills. Ask questions before taking any script medicine. What is the medication for? What side effects are likely? Get the answers. Not all doctors are alike, but unfortunately a large majority of them are, although in fairness some are doing this unwittingly.

It is definitely a case of listening, learning and educating yourself. Take self-responsibility for your health, so you can make better choices.

Take control over your own health. It isn’t rocket science like some might lead us to believe. This is not just another bunch of hype. I have done it, and have seen people succeed by taking control over their health. Don’t believe physicians have all the answers and latest research findings in their little finger. Doctors are no longer the only authority in control of health matters.

Drug reps give doctors knowledge and advice about drug usage, and don’t believe for one minute that raps would put your health, your safety or your wellbeing before profits! They don’t give a hoot. Avoid drugs as much as possible and where ever possible, because there are alternatives available.

It is fact that chemo therapy kills more people than it cures. Do your own research about health. It is important to have the right information, especially about food because this is one of the biggest culprits. Use the best supplements containing the important ingredients of minerals and vitamins. Discover other nutritional benefits and good supplementation. This is the only way to prevent illness and prolong good health. Modern science has validated the remarkable health benefits of a good supplement to improve your health and to stay healthy.

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