Best Ways to Get Rid of Pimples



The scariest part in life for some is getting a pimple. This big, red pimple that pops up occasionally on ones face is something has happened to each one of us. Being patient and waiting for this to go is one way but usually none of us are patient enough, and we look for alternatives to treat it. We look for creams, ointments, gels and even visit our dermatologists in several cases. For treatment of pimples on the body a common practice is we buy no scar soap.

Apart from the ways mentioned above there are several other methods to get rid of acne, before we talk about them it is important that we understand what causes acne and how they grow. As mentioned by several well established dermatologists the sebaceous glands that we have in our skin usually provides moisture along with lubrication, but it is actually the combination of hormones and stress that forms clogs. Here the Bacteria leads to inflammation forming blemishes and even acne.

There may be several ways in which one can get rid of inflammation or at least control is before it gets worse.


  • Hand off: Not one but all the dermatologists have one common thing to say for your pimples, which is never ever touch or pick your pimple. Even though a lot of us are tempted to do so, but we must always remember one thing that once this pimple has been picked it would take a much longer time to heal and also chances of getting a scar would be very high.
  • Not all Home remedies are safe and should be tried: It is true that your toothpaste, lemon juice and other could work on your skin but always remember not all the acne are same and so not all treatments should be same. In certain cases what may seem as a safe method turns out to be a disaster for your skin. Toothpaste in some cases could irritate the skin greatly leaving it over dry and stretchy.
  • Warm compress: One of the easiest way to heal a pimple that you may feel is just about to pop is by a warm compress. A warm compress usually brings everything under the skin on the surface. Once this pimple has risen and is on the surface one could easily go for a spot treatment or even a cold compress to soothe the pimple down.
  • Spot Treatment for your pimple: After removing makeup and washing your face, the next important thing is a good moisturiser and post that comes a good spot treatment. The spot treatments should include in them salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and even retinoid to kill bacteria, unclog the pores and finally control the cell turnover.
  • Wash well: Our oil glands work actively throughout the day and when this oil is mixed with dirt, pollution and even sweat these create trouble for skin. A good antibacterial soap is necessary to get rid of this. A good option among antibacterial soaps is no scars soap for pimples which works very well in cleaning and moisturising your body.


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