Achieve Wellness And Healing Through Water Exercise And Water Therapy



Water is one of the most essential components for life; water takes up a major portion of the human body and is required for almost all physical functions. Water can be used effectively for beauty and health treatments as well. Hydrotherapy or aquatic therapies are variations of water therapy that are used for specific treatments.

Special needs children with a physical handicap and also cerebral palsy kids who have problems with limb movements can be treated with hydrotherapy while aqua therapy is used in spas and also for relieving back pains and joint pains. Water therapy and water exercises come under water cure methods to deal with various ailments and also to live a healthy life easily and naturally.

History shows that water exercises and therapies have been in existence since the mid-19th century or maybe even before when Europeans, as well as American countries, used water exercises for healing. Water therapy dates back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome, variancetv. Gradually spas became popular with their therapeutic baths given for healing chronic illnesses. Water can be used in various forms for natural cures, treatment, and wellness. Drinking enough water and fluids are recommended for good health and proper functioning of the organs.

Water exercises and therapy are effective with no side effects. Water exercises are easy, fun-filled and a healthy way to get relief from pain and also to recover fast from various ailments. Healing after surgery or an injury becomes faster with water exercises. Water exercises are done in water which improves metabolism, relieves tension and stress, builds muscle tone and strength and also promotes balance and coordination.

Water therapy involves consuming a considerable amount of water in the morning for bowel clearance and rinsing the body from toxins. These effective water cure techniques when incorporated into the daily lifestyle pave the way for easy healing and prevention of various ailments.

Water therapy through drinking water and its benefits

As already mentioned water is one of the most essential life-supporting components and using it in the right manner and proportions can ensure health and wellness manifold. So to do water therapy we must consume at least 5-6 glasses of water after rising from bed in the morning even before brushing our teeth.

There shouldn’t be the consumption of any other fluid drinks or solid food before or after one hour from consuming the water. In the beginning, it may be difficult to consume so many glasses of water one after the other but gradually it will get into the routine. It’s a very simple yet effective therapy that keeps the body in good shape by purging out the toxins and also enables the organs to perform well.

The vast health resources of water can’t be imagined unless it is tried by us. A simple practice of water therapy every morning will ensure a clear, wrinkle-free glowing skin, rejuvenating and energizing the mind and body for the whole day, relieving stress, improving digestion and also combating constipation.

Rapidly getting popular in countries like India and Japan, the wonderful health benefits of water therapy has been confirmed by those practicing the same by citing examples of cent percent cure for headaches, body aches, heart diseases, arthritis, obesity, bronchitis and asthma, meningitis, tuberculosis, urinary and kidney problems, diarrhea, piles, eye problems, diabetes, constipation, menstrual dysfunctions and also ear, nose and throat problems. The cleansing effect of water rids the colon from toxins thereby food absorption and blood purification also get improved which in turn improves overall health and cures diseases effectively.

Water exercises and benefits

While drinking water in the morning improves the body functions and relieves diseases from within water exercises are an effective way to combat joint pains and various other physical conditions. Both swimmers and non-swimmers can enjoy the benefits of water exercises as the water level is selected according to comfort.

Water exercises are more effective because what we achieve through normal exercises can be achieved much faster through water exercises. More amounts of calories are burnt and don’t make us fatigued. It’s much easier to perform without sweating out and can also be enjoyed as a fun activity.

Water exercises can be undertaken to combat specific problems or for overall wellness. Low back pain, neck pain, and muscular strains are some ailments for which water exercises are preferred. Water therapy benefits can be enjoyed by all age groups but it is essentially effective for those who are unable to perform normal exercises due to extreme pain, for the aged who are inflexible with their bone and muscle movements and also for children and adults with special needs and handicaps of the limbs.

How water exercises work for extensive benefits

Water due to its fluidity creates the effect which can improve balance and coordination and also helps the person performing the exercise easily work against gravity as the buoyancy of water counteracts gravitational pull. The viscosity of water eliminates possibilities of injury or pain while the hydrostatic pressure improves heart and lung functioning manifold. The muscle tone gets improved thereby strengthening the muscles and toning down excess fat.

However, water exercises must be avoided in case of suffering from fever, incontinence, infections and severe heart problems.

Some water exercise tips

For beginners, it is just as effective and relaxing to gently march within the water which is not more than waist-deep. Breathe easily and evenly and make the arms swing to and fro while letting the legs also move as much as they can stretch.

Jumping and side stretching can be done by working against the water friction which eventually supports the body from fall or injuries. Swinging of legs sideways while supporting the back against the poolside can reduce waistline and belly fat. Total body stretch and floating relax the whole body.

There are other effective water exercises like a knee to chest exercise, leg raise exercise, wall facing leg stretch, pool walking, Wella toner chart, etc. which relieve back pains and improve joint flexibility. Water exercises must be done only after taking proper recommendation from a doctor and should also be done under the supervision of an expert trainer.

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